[Juser] Jabber and Wengophone client problem

Alejandro Cabrera Obed acabrera at sintys.gov.ar
Tue Sep 11 12:30:10 CDT 2007

Dear all, I need to use Jabber with Wengophone clients because I have to integrate VoIP+IM(jabber) into one GPL client.

But after I create a jabber account and add the jabber contacts in Wengophone I see all the contacts as "disconnected" and so I can't send messages anytime. Also the connections among clients and server are OK:

tcp        0      0 jabber.mydomain:5223 *:*                      LISTEN     19313/c2s
tcp        0      0 jabber.mydomain:5223 host1.mydomain:51430     ESTABLISHED19313/c2s
tcp        0      0 jabber.mydomain:5223 host2.mydomain:44847     ESTABLISHED19313/c2s
tcp        0      0 jabber.mydomain:5223 host3.mydomain:1230      ESTABLISHED19313/c2s

Do you have checked Wengophone with Jabberd2 server ???

(In wengo mailing list they don't respond to me)

Thanks a lot


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