[Juser] iChat 3 (OS X 10.4), SSL on new jabber.org

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Feb 1 18:18:15 CST 2010

On 1/27/10 6:03 PM, Joel Hardi wrote:
> Hi--
> I'm sure this is low priority with all the server migration excitement,
> but just wanted to check in with my user problem on the M-Link changeover.
> I'm using iChat 3, the version I'm stuck with using OS 10.4 Tiger. I'm
> no longer able to connect securely to jabber.org (presumably this client
> does not support STARTTLS?). I *can* connect unsecurely on port 5222.
> I've followed the instructions in the 1/26 A Note for iChat Users post,
> when I do so I get a warning from iChat saying I'm about to connect
> unsecurely, which I'm able to do -- and I've verified using wireshark
> that in fact my username/password are sent in cleartext when I click OK.

I talked with my contacts on the iChat team and they said that iChat on
Tiger does support STARTTLS upgrade of port 5222 to encrypted, but I
admit that I have not used 10.4 in a long time so I'm not sure about the
proper settings.

> I've tried every combination of iChat settings (and looked in the plist
> for possible hidden settings). If I try to connect on port 5222 with the
> SSL option enabled, the connection hangs indefinitely. I'm happy to
> provide packet dumps of that or anything else if it's useful.

That would be quite helpful. Feel free to ping me directly (email to the
"from" address on this message).

> Is the answer basically the same as for KDE3 Kopete (ironically the
> other Jabber client I use) users: "Sorry, change to a newer/better client"?

I'm sorry about that. If needed we can lean on the Isode team to add
support for port 5223. :)

> Thanks, I certainly appreciate all the volunteer labor on jabber.org
> over the years!



Peter Saint-Andre

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