[Juser] jabber.org downtime

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Feb 1 18:21:41 CST 2010

On 1/22/10 2:01 AM, Paul Fertser wrote:
> Hi,
> Folks, i understand and value your efforts and really appreciate the
> service you're providing for jabber.org XMPP users.
> But there's one frustrating thing about it: lack of noticies. For me
> it's worse than the instability itself. I'd expect to see every
> planned or unexpected downtime announced either at the website or
> identi.ca with ETA for recovery listed.
> Right at the moment the server is unavailable for more than 12 hours
> straight and i've really no idea how many hours more i have to wait,
> that makes me feel really uncomfortable.
> I really hope your policy will incorporate a mandatory requirement to
> post information and details at some known location every time
> something happens with the server.

Hi Paul,

I hope that the more frequent notices have been helpful for you.


Peter Saint-Andre

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