[Juser] Copyright question: Protection of intellectual property

Alexander Koeppe format_c at online.de
Wed Jul 6 22:15:24 UTC 2011

Am 04.07.2011 04:27, schrieb Peter Saint-Andre:
> On 7/3/11 3:25 AM, Alexander Koeppe wrote:
>> Morsche,
>> I've a question about the information I chat with someone intended.
>> I know e.g. from ICQ that you transfer all rights of information that
>> traverse the AOL network to AOL, which is really disappionting to me and
>> one reason to look for another way.
>> I've seen in the FAQ section that logging is only being performed in a
>> few conference rooms.
>> What happens to the rights of information that traverse the jabber network?
> No one asserts any rights over information that traverses the jabber
> network.
> ICQ and AIM can try to claim ownership because they are closed services
> and you sign an end user agreement when you create an account on their
> services or download their software. In the Jabber world, we have an
> open network, anyone can use any client to access the network, and we
> value freedom of communication above "eyeballs" and advertisements.
> Specifically, if you are asking about the jabber.org service on the
> Jabber network, we too do not assert any rights over the information
> that passes through our service.
> Peter

That perfectly answers my question.

Thank you

Cheers Alex

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