[Juser] Unregistering Spectrum Transports

Mark Givens marcxjo at cerebralbleach.com
Wed Mar 14 21:50:50 UTC 2012

First off, apologies to those who are in any of the support MUCs on
jabber.org and spectrum.im, as I've bombarded them with this issue already,
but I'm not finding support, and it seems to be an inexplicable

I've registered my jabber.org account to a few transports on draugr.de and
jabber.hot-chilli.net just to test them out. I've done this with XMPP
accounts before (on both of these servers), and unregistration is usually
seamless through any client. Lately, though, this is not working properly
with the jabber.org account; with this account, using transports on the
aforementioned servers, it is impossible to cleanly unregister the
transports using the "remove registration" checkbox on the forms, the
manual client unregistration option offered in Psi+, or the usual
unregistration IQ stanza. All of these *return* a proper "result" stanza,
but no unregistration actually occurs. My data remains in the registration
form, de-authorizing the transport does not disable it, and removing the
transport from the roster (after de-authorizing) does not disable
communication with legacy contacts. Attempting to de-authorize and remove
legacy contacts after running all of these processes results in their
removal from the legacy server. I first observed a problem by inadvertently
losing my entire MSN contact list this way.

Again, this only seems to be the case with a jabber.org account. As of
today, I can successfully register and unregister the same transports
through accounts on talkr.im and a Google Apps domain using any of the
methods listed above.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the root cause? It is not
client-specific (I've reproduced it in Psi+, Gajim, and Miranda IM), and it
doesn't appear to be an issue on the end of the transport servers; in case
it helps to know, though, both servers are running Spectrum v.1.48
transports (OS unknown).

In any case, apologies again for those of you who've had to bear witness to
my beating a dead horse; I'm just confounded with trying to fix the
problem, and I'd appreciate any insight into how to fix it.
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