[Juser] I am developing my own android client

Paul jabberml45645 at rainslide.net
Mon Oct 22 09:24:06 UTC 2012

On Monday, 15 October, 2012 at 06:16:10 BST, Nabin Sysyphus wrote:
>I am developing my own android XMPP chat client  I have successfully tested
>it with googletalk but now I am trying to test with jabber and find
>it difficult because
>I could use   hostname---talk.google.com,   port-----------5222  ,
>service------gmail.com there.
>what should I do in the case of jabber or do I have anything really
>misunderstood ?

It's just jabber.org 5222. Not sure what 'service' is. If it's the resource, then it can be anything you like.



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