[Juser] _sip._udp.jabber.org - SRV:host name is unknown

Sergey Shilov sss at s-s-s.ru
Fri Mar 22 11:30:59 UTC 2013

Hi Peter.
Thank you for the answer, but I do not quite understand why the
server checks availability of the SIP service on jabber.org.


PSA> Hash: SHA1

PSA> On 3/21/13 9:35 AM, Sergey Shilov wrote:
>> Hello. Need help. I can not authorize the contact from list. In the
>> logs I see the following entry: 19:34:50.187 3
>> DNR-000870(_sip._udp.jabber.org) SRV:host name is unknown

PSA> There is no SIP service at the jabber.org domain.

PSA> Peter

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