[Juser] xmpp.net is out?

Dedeco Balaco Baco dedeco.balaco at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 18 19:29:39 UTC 2017


I have been a XMPP user for several years. One thing that was always good to have was that xmpp.net page which listed several free servers around the world, and also gathered some information about them in a table. The address of this table used to be https://xmpp.net/directory.php . But it has been weeks since I noted that xmpp.net domain is not working - very sad.

Do you know what happened to that page? I even imagined that it was somehow related to the XS Foundation, since that address is pointed in one very basic page of them: https://xmpp.org/getting-started/ .

What would be needed to build a page to replace the gap of that xmpp.net page (and possibly others I did not mention here)? What would you suggest?


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