[Foundation] Jabber Klatch: Discuss .org server role

Max Metral Max.Metral at peoplepcHQ.com
Wed Aug 8 14:08:28 CDT 2001

>From the foundation meeting, we agreed some questions should be taken to
this list.  Here's my recollection of them:

1) What is the long term role of the open source server in scale and

i.e. should a company that has 10,000 simultaneous users be considering
using an open source server or is that just not a goal or an option.
Remember this is a long term question, although it certainly will need to
take timelines into account for a realistic answer.

2) Is there anything the Foundation/Members/Council should be doing to
improve the speed of server development or at the very least is there
anything we are doing to hinder it's development that we can stop doing.

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