[Foundation] Jabber Klatch: Discuss .org server role

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Fri Aug 10 11:32:10 CDT 2001

Quoting Max Metral <Max.Metral at peoplepcHQ.com>:
> 1) What is the long term role of the open source server in scale and
> purpose?
> i.e. should a company that has 10,000 simultaneous users be
> considering
> using an open source server or is that just not a goal or an option.
> Remember this is a long term question, although it certainly will need
> to take timelines into account for a realistic answer.

  This question is really a tough one.  Should a company that has a highvolume 
web site consider Apache?  Heck yes.  Same answer here.  Sure, there are issues 
with the current jabberd, many with workarounds, but lets remember this is at 
LEAST the 5th incarnation of the beast since I've been with Jabber.  8-P  Will 
there be issues with it?  Sure.  Is there any commercial entity providing 
support for it, ensure to test the heck outa it, etc, as they do Apache?  
Nope.  Companies extending and supporting the current jabberd?  Not outside of 
companies using it for their own purposes.  Should companies get a free ride 
without ANY sort of a giveback to the comminity, in the form of testing, code 
submitions, etc?  Nope.  Are we gonna scale to millions of user within one 
server domain without a commercial entity involved?  More then likely, not in 
the way some peolpe may like..

  But I'm blathering..  8-P

> 2) Is there anything the Foundation/Members/Council should be doing to
> improve the speed of server development or at the very least is there
> anything we are doing to hinder it's development that we can stop
> doing.

  That all depends.  Is the foundations job to put out the server?  If it is, 
then yes.  If it's not, then no.  Its more of a question of, what exactly 
should the foundation be doing, as a whole?

Thomas Charron
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