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Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Wed Aug 15 19:56:32 CDT 2001

FYI, since I had experience last week throwing the back end of
jogger.jabber.org together, and since this came up in the meeting today I
decided it wouldn't be hard to assemble a variant of jogger just for pure
RSS feeds.

So, in cvs right now as "jrss" and running as the service jrss.jabber.org
is what I did this afternoon.  It's very rudimentary and simple in that
when anyone sends a message like:

	to='demo at jrss.jabber.org/http://demo.org/'
	from='jer at jabber.org/home'>
<subject>just testing</subject>
<body>this is a test of the jabber rss engine</body>

and then they hit the php script (also in cvs):


results in:

<?xml version='1.0'?><rss><channel><title>Jabber RSS
testing</title><link>http://demo.org/</link><description>this is a test of
the jabber rss engine</description></item></channel></rss>

I also added a simple hack to the rss.php so that you can modify the
default channel-level title and link by sending a body of "channel":

	to='demo at jrss.jabber.org/http://jabber.org/'
	from='jer at jabber.org/home'>
<subject>Demo Channel</subject>

and the rss is then:

<?xml version='1.0'?><rss><channel><title>Demo
Channel</title><link>http://jabber.org/</link><description>RSS Feed from
Jabber by jer at jabber.org</description><item><title>just
testing</title><link>http://demo.org/</link><description>this is a test of
the jabber rss engine</description></item></channel></rss>

So, if anyone wants to use it to easily generate RSS for Jabber Weekly
News, it's now easier than ever!

I'm hoping someone will be inspired by the inadequacies in jrss as well as
the possibilities, and I'd be happy to give them CVS access.  I don't
personally plan on doing any major updates to it, it was just an afternoon
distraction and nifty demo :)


On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Rahul Dave wrote:

> Folks on jdev and members lists,
> I'm going to create a RSS stream called Jabber Weekly News, eventually culled
> from JIG RSS streams. Presently, only standards JIG has one, so I am going
> to be bugging you for project and other news you want to report to the
> outside, non-jabber world, to attract more developers, to communicates whats up
> with jabber, and increase the interop points. It would be along the lines of
> the other perl/python/kde/gnome, etc weekly new's you can read for example
> in lwn.net, or /. , myuserland, etc.
> So please email me your project progress, news item, etc, with an optional
> URL for mainpage or changelog as you see fit. I will also be surveying
> major jabber sites such as dev. and foundation. as well as jabber central.
> If you already have a RSS url, point me to it. If there is a page you
> want me to monitor, such as the page for a client(i will try to get to all
> byt may miss some), give me the URl of that page, and I will monitor it,
> every thursday 10am Eastern.
> Finally if you are the creator of a JIG, consider creating a RSS file with
> news of your JIG, like qmacro's done for the Standards JIG. Point me and temas
> the URL and it will be picked up.
> Thanks in advance,
> Rahul(tig)
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