[Foundation] Jabcast thanks you!

Howard Ryan howardryan at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 24 10:16:00 CDT 2001

Hello all Jabber.org members.

I wish to thank the entire ORG as well as Jabber.com for allowing Jabcast to
present its line of wares and thoughts at the recent Jabbercon conference.

We were very encouraged with the diversity in presentations as well the
reception of commercial entities by the ORG.

Jabcast is extremely aware of the issues surrounding open source.  As stated
by myself in the Jabber Security session on day one at Jabbercon, Jabcast is
committed to release of all mods simultaneously with any public release.
Jabcast is slated to release its first server mods after the Compaq CETS
show in Anaheim Ca. on 9/9 - 9/14.


Speaking on behalf of Jabcast, I assure the ORG that Jabcast will not only
comply with release standards but will add substantial value in the arena of
Windows based Jabber servers and VMS based Jabber servers.

Please feel free to contact me directly regarding Jabcast's open source

Thank You

Howard Ryan
CEO, Chairman, Co-founder Jabcast Inc.
howie at jabcast.com
cell: 646-210-3916
office: 973-665-0061

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