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Would there be any interest in creating a simple XML DTD for JEP 
documents? Jer and I found an excellent one for RFCs when we were 
putting together the IETF draft. Trust me, it saved us a lot of 
headache. For submission we just ran a script to convert the XML to a 
text file or HTML. The text file follows the RFC standards and looks 
great without us bothering with all the little formatting nuances. It 
even handles footnotes and such for us. Perhaps we (or I) could put 
together a simple one for JEP authors to use? A script could then output 
it to the format you've described.

Rahul Dave wrote:

> Following the Consensus along Peter's document for Jep's and Jig's, and the
> jeep-jep name change, here's the latest:
> http://nareau.dyndns.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/jep/
> Could we add this to the agenda for Wed meeting?
> See jep-0001.txt especially ..it reflects the new voting structure, slightly
> expanded from Peters version to allow for acceptance of both the JEP itself
> as well as the ref implementation by the council. 
> See jep-0003.txt. Its Jeremie's Proxy accept socket service written as a JEP
> to illustrate what a JEP looks like.
> Rahul(tig)
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