[Foundation] Jabber Council Candidate Application

Jim Powell brit_93555 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 7 14:11:39 CDT 2001

Hey, Jim Powell here, thought I would throw my hat in the ring too.

The easiest way to see my experience is to go to http://go.to/powelljf3.

Short and sweet:

I own GSETSS, a small software company in southern California (which you
will note from the home page is actively involved in several open source
projects), as well as working on the AV-8B program for the Navy.

I am actively involved in the development of the win32 Jabber server (which
as you will note is listed on my companies home page as web hosting for the
development effort).

As you will see by the page above I have an extensive programming
background, which dates back 15 years now (the page lists my professional
experience, some of the things I have done for the open source community are
not listed).

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In addition to your name, a brief bio would undoubtedly be most welcome.
I'd like to make this as easy as possible, but simply submitting your name
(outside of Jer) would be helpful to everyone.
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