[Foundation] June 13 Foundation Text Conference Agenda

Michael Bauer bauer at jabber.com
Tue Jun 12 12:38:15 CDT 2001

Wednesday 13 June 01	Foundation Conference Agenda
18:00 UTC		foundation at conference.jabber.org

1.  Council Vote

We are still getting the voting system setup and so the vote is delayed.  As
such we are still collecting applications for the Council.  Here's the
current list.

Dave Smith
David Waite
Harold Gottschalk
Jeremie	Miller
Jim Powell
Max Metral
Michael Emswiler
Michael Lin
Oliver Wing
Peter Millard
Stephen Lee
Stephen Pendleton
Ted Rolle
Thomas	Muldowney

We should have the voting system up shortly.

2.  JIGS

Here are the current proposed JIGS.  Notice the focus is going to be on
major individual protocol extensions and pervasive technology

1. Generic Conferencing -- will define a workable, extensible protocol for
conferencing/groupchat (cf. Dave Waite's work on a draft protocol) 

2. File Transfer (cf. Jer's initial work on PASS) 

3. Security -- will focus on authentication, message encryption, connection
security, etc. 

4. Standards Compliance -- will publish standards for Jabber technologies
and practices (such as Jabber derivative brands)

5. Text Formatting -- will determine the protocol for sending and receiving
formatted messages in Jabber (e.g., via XHTML) 

6. Browsing -- the replacement for agents, defined as a draft protocol.

7. Message Filtering  -- defines the mechanisms to filter messages based on
a variety of criteria.

8. Presence Management -- describe in detail how presence management
currently works, and work on proposals for extensions like invisibility).

A number of other areas of concern, such as the infrastructure,
documentation support, and business issues are going to be conducted in
separate committes of the Foundation.

3. JEP

At this point, we're going to take Rahul Dave's JEP process and start
working with it.  There are two relevant URLS:



Please be prepared to discuss.

Next meeting 18:00 UTC Wednesday June 20

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