[Foundation] 13 June Meeting Minutes

Michael Bauer bauer at jabber.com
Thu Jun 14 13:49:50 CDT 2001

0.  Previous Business.  

The lawyers have gotten back to us and stated that it will be no problem to
have corporate members as opposed to individual members.  They're also
looking at ways to make electronic meetings more official.  

1.  Council Vote

This has been delayed due to flooding in Houston (where Mr. Opie lives).
Should have this completed within the week.  

2.  JIGS

Before the Membership votes for the Council, we're going to ask them whether
they're willing to let the Council decide what goes into a JIG.  However
JIGS are approved (by full membership vote or council vote), some subset of
the following JIGS will be approved:

1. Generic Conferencing
2. File Transfer
3. Security 
4. Standards Compliance
5. Text Formatting 
6. Browsing
7. Message Filtering
8. Presence Management
9. Multimedia Messaging
A. Client Extensibility


The basic process outlined by Rahul Dave will be used.  

t-type=text/vnd.viewcvs-markup and 

This process will be modified once formal proposals start getting submitted.

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