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Not to sound rude (trust me, that is not my intent), but many of us do not
work for Jabber and are stuck behind fire walls because these meetings are
held during normal business hours.  I would love to attend a meeting real
time instead of reading the log and replying to the issues that I feel are
relevant after the fact (sometimes after a decision has been made).  I
realize that no time is ever going to be good for everyone, but for most of
us, normal business hours are not an option.

As for voting, I feel that some system should be set up for the entire
foundation to vote (which I know you are already working on for the council
vote), unless the vote is set aside for the council, or the Board of

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As with any bootstrapping process, we are faced with something of a paradox
in establishing the Foundation.  Decisions need to be made about the
operation of the Foundation but the formal process for making those
decisions is not yet in place.  For example, the draft by-laws are being
modified to formally incorporate the technical decision-making body called
the "Jabber Council" within the Jabber Foundation.  According to the current
draft by-laws, however, the Board of Directors should bring forward
resolutions to change the by-laws and then such changes are voted on by the
Membership.  Without a Board of Directors, this is a little hard to do.  :)

In addition, we have 94 members currently signed up as Members of the
Foundation.  We've been holding weekly text conferences that have been
attended by roughly around 20 people.  Some "decisions" are being made in
these forums that might not be appropriate since we don't have a "quorom" of
all Members in these meetings.  Add to that the by-laws need to be changed
again to even allow meetings to be "legally" conducted through electronic
means we're not even clear we can even have these meetings!

In some sense, all this is moot because the Foundation hasn't even been
formally incorporated.  Regardless of when the Foundation is incorporated
there seems to be a lot of good coming from these meetings and the Members
mailing list.  We're developing a protocol enhancement process.  We're
establishing a set of focused interest groups.  We're adopting a protocol
review and approval process.  Frankly, no matter how the Foundation
ultimately ends up, the mere process of formulating it is providing some
lasting value.

So, I for now, if anyone has any major issues they'd like the Members to
vote on, let's do that.  There are a few issues that I know need to go
before the Members - like, should we put some further requirements on the
need for Members participation or should we allow the Jabber Council to
decide what JIGs are established.  If you have anymore, let me know.

The first vote I'd like to put forward is whether this concept of voting on
major issues is a good place to start!  
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