[Foundation] Bootstrapping the Foundation

Powell, Jim (EER) PowellJF at navair.navy.mil
Thu Jun 14 15:46:52 CDT 2001

>Well, first, you don't have to work for Jabber to participate in these
>meetings - you just need to be able to get out from behind your firewall.
>The conferences are being held on jabber.org and are attended by more
>than work for Jabber.com, Inc.  I think the firewall issues (combined with
>the server-to-server latency issue) is bringing two things to the fore.

As I said in my original post, I was not trying to be rude.  I know that
everyone in the Foundation does not work for Jabber, you will note that my
name is on the list of Foundation members and I work for EER and own GSETSS.
I also know that you don't have to work for Jabber to attend the meetings, I
have read the minutes of all of the meetings.  You made a comment about the
poor attendance, and I simply stated the information which usually floats
around the e-mail of the win32 server types after one of these meetings.

>First, because every Member can't actually reach the conference server at
>all, I don't think we can really "vote" on anything of substantial
>to the entire Membership.  All that can be done in these meetings is that
>can discuss and refine the issues and bring them to a vote by the entire
>Membership.  If you can't make these meetings, you'll have review the
>beforehand and send your opinions to the list.  We'll reflect those
>in the meeting.
>For those of you that have problems with server-to-server lag I think the
>best thing to do for now is to get a jabber id on jabber.org and connect a
>client directly to the server.  We need to centralize all of the
>and logging on the jabber.org server for now.
>As for the voting system, yes, this will be for the entire Membership as
>well.  Again, we need to ask everyone to send your jid to temas at jabber.org
>from the original registering email address to get setup on the voting

Cool I can't wait to see this.

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