[Foundation] Bootstrapping the Foundation

Michael Bauer bauer at jabber.com
Thu Jun 14 16:41:24 CDT 2001

I'd ask you to start reading at foundation.jabber.org and cross-reference
that with my recent posts.  The Foundation is still in the formative stages.

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From: Rich Braman - Audiencebank [mailto:Rich at audiencebank.com]
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Are their rules in place for proposing something to vote on?
Who are the executive officers of the Foundation (e.g. president, vp, sec,
treas) or are there any?
What type of legal entity is the foundation? If its a corporation, officers
are required. Is the BOD the legal BOD of the Foundation? Is there BOD
insurance? Are their any shareholders, or just incorporators? I am not a
lawyer, but I am a CPA and am involved in these types of legal matters with
AudienceBank Media.

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From: Michael Bauer
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Subject: RE: [Foundation] Bootstrapping the Foundation

One of the first things we're going to vote on is who decides what's a
the entire Membership or just the Council.  If there's a candiate for a
that's not directly related to a current JIG, then you'd propose a new
using a JEP :).  Then, whichever body that determines JIGS will use that
determine whether the "JIG is up" or not :)  If the Membership decides
the entire membership should vote on JIGs, then the JIG descriptions
will be
posted on the voting system.  In the meantime, here's an updated list
will go up on foundation.jabber.org soon)

Generic Conferencing -- will define a workable, extensible protocol for
conferencing/groupchat (cf. Dave Waite's work on a draft protocol) 

File Transfer (cf. Jer's initial work on PASS) 

Security -- will focus on authentication, message encryption, connection
security, etc. 

Standards Compliance -- will publish standards for Jabber technologies
practices (such as Jabber derivative brands)

Text Formatting -- will determine the protocol for sending and receiving
formatted messages in Jabber (e.g., via XHTML) 

Browsing -- the replacement for agents, defined as a draft protocol.

Message Filtering  -- defines the mechanisms to filter messages based on
variety of criteria.

Presence Management -- describe in detail how presence management
works, and work on proposals for extensions like invisibility).

Multimedia Messaging  -- streaming voice and video

Client Extensibility --  standard for extending Jabber at the clien

JAM -- Jabber as Middleware

The voting system is coming on-line shortly.  Justin (mropie at jabber.org)
doing the work but has been caught in a flood in Houston.  Temas is
assisting him.  As soon as he's back on-line we'll know where we stand
what help he (they) might need.

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From: Rich Braman - Audiencebank [mailto:Rich at audiencebank.com]
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To: 'Michael J. Emswiler '; 'members at jabber.org '
Subject: RE: [Foundation] Bootstrapping the Foundation

Why were SOAP/XML-RPC and other types of messages (other than text) left
of the JIGS? Will these become JEPS? There were a number of other JIGS
mentioned at the first meeting that are no longer there as well.

Do we have descriptions of each of the JIGS so we can know what were
on when the time comes? 
Whats the status of the voting system? Who is programming it?  Where is
being hosted? Is any additional help needed to complete it?

Richard Braman 

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This whole voting thing sounds like a perfect Jabber Application waiting


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Subject: [Foundation] Bootstrapping the Foundation

> As with any bootstrapping process, we are faced with something of a
> in establishing the Foundation.  Decisions need to be made about the
> operation of the Foundation but the formal process for making those
> decisions is not yet in place.  For example, the draft by-laws are
> modified to formally incorporate the technical decision-making body
> the "Jabber Council" within the Jabber Foundation.  According to the
> draft by-laws, however, the Board of Directors should bring forward
> resolutions to change the by-laws and then such changes are voted on
> Membership.  Without a Board of Directors, this is a little hard to
> In addition, we have 94 members currently signed up as Members of the
> Foundation.  We've been holding weekly text conferences that have been
> attended by roughly around 20 people.  Some "decisions" are being made
> these forums that might not be appropriate since we don't have a
> all Members in these meetings.  Add to that the by-laws need to be
> again to even allow meetings to be "legally" conducted through
> means we're not even clear we can even have these meetings!
> In some sense, all this is moot because the Foundation hasn't even
> formally incorporated.  Regardless of when the Foundation is
> there seems to be a lot of good coming from these meetings and the
> mailing list.  We're developing a protocol enhancement process.  We're
> establishing a set of focused interest groups.  We're adopting a
> review and approval process.  Frankly, no matter how the Foundation
> ultimately ends up, the mere process of formulating it is providing
> lasting value.
> So, I for now, if anyone has any major issues they'd like the Members
> vote on, let's do that.  There are a few issues that I know need to go
> before the Members - like, should we put some further requirements on
> need for Members participation or should we allow the Jabber Council
> decide what JIGs are established.  If you have anymore, let me know.
> The first vote I'd like to put forward is whether this concept of
> major issues is a good place to start!
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