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Wed Jun 20 18:10:06 CDT 2001

On 21 Jun 2001 00:05:53 +0100, DJ Adams wrote:
> That the Council's role is a technical one and the people with the most
> technical experience are related to j.c and j.o is of course no coincidence.
> But I'm not going to temper my vote with this (IMHO) secondary issue.
> In the same vein, people have expressed concerns about corporate vs
> individual membership (x-virge mentioned this today). I'd like to 
> turn this slippery issue to my argument's advantage and say that I 
> voted for individuals, not the corporation(s) they might or do represent.
> If I was an employee of a corporation (my own company isn't large enough
> to be classed as one :-) I would still want to be regarded as an
> individual, member-wise. And I'm not assuming either way that that
> is or isn't the case with the people I voted for.

I think next time around the Council candidates should provide a bio of what they've done *for Jabber*, what they intend *to do with Jabber* and whose views they represent. I think it's perfectly fine if corporations want to have a particular individual represent their views. Just *say it in the bio* - that's all I ask.

I wasn't really pleased with the bios that were there...

Hoping for a better election next time,

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