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In principle, I like wikis but to be honest I think the user interface,
what's the word? ...  ah, yes, sucks.  No offense, heg, and it's not your
fault.  I think it's a great concept and we definitely need something like
this.  But some things have to change from my perspective.  

There are two issues I have.  The first set of issues is just basic
information design.  Topics aren't even alphabetized for heaven's sake.  And
their color coding reminds me of parking garages at the mall.  You don't
have to be color-blind to lose your car there.

I presume those things can be addressed.  The second thing, which I think
can probably be addressed as well, is along Steve's line of criticism.  I'd
prefer to use something simple until we understand what we need as opposed
to learn to use something more complicated for something we don't understand

For example, you've created a proposed JIG, the JIS, but this doesn't quite
seem like it should be a JIG more like a JEP.  Regardless it doesn't seem
like the twiki matches what we need for either a JIG or a JEP.  

All this said and done, unless someone has a better idea, I think we should
work with the wiki, but I'd really like to have these issues addressed:

1.  Alphabetize the links
2.  Tailor the links more specifically to JIGs and JEPs
3.  Cut out the sophmore information design colors.

If we can simplify to develop the sufficient and necessary, I'm all for it.

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Thanks for the input.

Wiki's can replace forums, but that is not there intent or was that my
intent.  The wiki is best used in collaboration and organization of your
work.  It provides a type of knowledgebase that is organized around what
your are collaborating on.

I have set up the wiki's to facilitate a project like environment.

Here are some URLs that may help provide more insight.
    http://jab.sirlabs.com/bin/view/TWiki/TWikiTutorial Tutorial from
    http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/WebHome    Open Source project
running their development activities.


>Personally, I think it's an interesting idea, but I don't see it as easy as
>forums are to use.

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