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Michael Bauer bauer at jabber.com
Wed Jun 27 16:36:22 CDT 2001

Gee, Steve.  I'm sorry that you weren't able to actually connect to the
conference through your server.  We certainly could have used your help
today.  Al Sutton volunteered to help and we took his services.  I was
hoping you'd be there so we could have discussed the server issue with more
expert people than me and could have come up with a strategy for the server
like we did for the voting.  I thought this would be more appropriately
discussed in this manner.  Still think you should talk with temas and jer
and others about this. I'm sure something could be worked out.

And, jabber.com is not working with collabnet on tigris.  The overall
intention is to increase the number of developers that use Jabber.  It
seemed like the more people we had working on integrating jabber into
development environment (tigris, sourcecast, netbeans) the greater the
critical mass in accomplishing this.  I was hoping we might be able to build
this critical mass together.  It's unfortunate that you've decided not to
collaborate but I don't think you have a valid reason for not participating.
I think if you see things in this light, we still might be able to work
together on this.

Finally, we had a discussion about the Council and limiting membership to a
percentage of a company.  There didn't seem to be enough interest in putting
this to a vote of the Membership because it was thought that people should
be elected on their own merit.  If you want to bring this to a vote of the
Membership, any member has the right to do this, so by all means, bring the
question to the floor.

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Michael Bauer,

Please note I mean no offence to any person involved on the council.

I just read the minutes of today's meeting. Have you gone back and read

As you know I have tried to attend all the meetings and given you my input ,
but was busy today and when I did try to connect s2s was messed (again). I
noticed that you did mention our offer to host but by the looks of the
meeting you have found someone else. I also noted that you will be working
on tigris with James (consultant to jabber.com and foundation board member,
with how many other jabber.com employees? I think it was you and jer and
James and an exec at jabber.com so far right?) so I will also ditch the
tigris project (it is very beta and unstable at this point anyway) and I'm
sure jabber.com would rather have the control. With a council made up of
over 50% of jabber.com employees it would seem that if jabber.com wanted
something they should be able to get it.

I also noticed several other emails in the mailing list that showed some
uneasiness with this as well, so it is not just me.

It would appear the best thing to do is let jabber.com run the board, the
council and anything else they want to run and I'll just vote as a member if
I have the chance, good luck with it all.


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