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Michael J. Emswiler memswiler at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 27 18:43:21 CDT 2001

I also do not receive any paychecks from jabber.com, nor any other company
related to Jabber (open-source or otherwise.)

However, I do one day hope to acquire some kind of pay for my efforts with
Jabber (open and closed) and wish the best to Jabber.com in their pursuit of
the same.

I am truly a capitalist, not a communist.  While at first glance it may
appear that Jabber.com has an undue influence over Jabber.org, I think they
council members at least deserve the opportunity to demonstrate their
commitment to the open-source organization before being publicly assaulted.

Now, if they do "betray" the open-source community on the hand ... I'll be
the first to throw stones :-)  But then, I imagine the only way they would
do that is if it came down to "Hmmm, let's see -- the value of my stock and
that house on the cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, or some 'free' code
so other people can go buy that house ..."

Further, I assume that at some point in time there will be another election
where, once again, the membership will have the opportunity to make changes
as it sees fit.

Let's also bear in mind that these are, for more or less, the
inventors/founders/creators/pioneers of this technology and were, in fact,
elected by a reasonable (and democratic) process.

If they can derive some honest-to-god income from the pursuit of their
goal/dream/vision -- all the better!  Wouldn't you like to be so lucky? I
sure would!

Further, I am hoping at some point in the near future to make some money
from their goal/dream/vision, and everyone else's hard work, too!  How's
that for capitalism at its best!

Just because open-source might be "free" monetarily, doesn't mean they can't
use it commercially.  Besides, without a viable commerical opportunity, do
you honestly believe it could attain wide-spread adoptance?

Personally, I think commercial validation is critical to wide-scale
acceptance.  Corporations like to know who to call when something breaks --
and it's usually not some programmer up until 5am coding in his Hanes



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> > Stephen -
> >
> > <disclaimer>I get my paychecks from jabber.com</disclaimer>
> <disclaimer>I DO NOT get my paychecks from jabber.com</disclaimer>
> In my dealings with the people from jabber.com, I feel that they are
> out to produce a high quality product (server) in the open source
> If they can make some money off of business, then more power to them, I
> don't know about you, but I like a paycheck, and wouldn't it be nice to
> one for developing OS code.
> just my $.02.
> >
> > I really don't understand why you feel that just because a "corporate
> > entity" gets involved with something that their intentions are always
> > construed as "suspect" or "evil". I can assure you that in my
> > role as a
> > council member, I don't consider things related to my "day
> > job". I've been
> > involved in jabber.org a whole lot longer than I have with
> > jabber.com, and
> > I'm convinced that my day job depends on the inevitable
> > success of Jabber as
> > an Open Source platform.
> >
> > Stpeter and jer both expressed my thoughts as well and I
> > won't repeat them
> > here, but suffice it to say that my views + feelings are the same.
> >
> > More hands promoting jabber in any will benefit the open
> > source community,
> > so it's too bad that you feel the way you do.
> >
> > I hope that the emails that have been sent to this list may
> > change your
> > outlook some.
> >
> > Peter Millard
> >
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