[Foundation] jabber.com for president

Stephen Lee srlee at sltscommunications.net
Thu Jun 28 11:34:58 CDT 2001


No Offence taken at all, we are a lot easier to get along with than we seem.
:-) My point really had nothing to do with your server and I think it was
great of you to offer. Seems though that 'they' would rather do it all
themselves , we have offered to host until they get their servers fixed up
but 'they' keep saying it will be fixed soon. We offered to clean up the
foundation web page but said 'they' are working on it. I asked about the
board members and I got 'they' are working on it and will let us know when
'they' know who it will be. I don't suppose anyone knows who 'they' are???

I hate to be the one to stir the pot and ya know am a little saddened to see
the lack of response for or against my comments from the 130 odd members.


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My server was offered as a backup channel. .....

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