[Foundation] jabber.com for president

Tomas Mrkvicka tmrkvicka at softnov.cz
Thu Jun 28 12:07:12 CDT 2001

> I hate to be the one to stir the pot and ya know am a little 
> saddened to see
> the lack of response for or against my comments from the 130 
> odd members.

129. Steve, with all respect to your opinions and concerns, I think we
have more important things to do then fighting evil corporation,
especially when its not clear how evil (or good) it is. I simply cant
see the situation in only black and white as you see it.
I agree with you in one thing: Jabber.com is a potential danger for
foundation and jabber OS movement. Jabber.com has hegemonic position and
employs (or closely collaborates) with majority of important OS
developers. BUT: I have no doubt intentions of jabber.com folks related
to foundation are clear and honest. Its obvious - they will profit form
strong OS movement and jabber technology dissemination. For now.
Situation would be very different if there will grow another big jabber
company. In such a case jabber.com will fetch up a temptation to
influence foundation with their own interests and against interests of
hypothetical another_big_jabber_corporation. This is why I belive
foundation have to be separated from jabber.com as much as and as soon
as possible. Foundation should be strong enough to stay away corporation
struggles and do the best for jabber technology disregard of any company
interests. I strongly belive that jer and stpeter and others will do
everything for technology even they receive pay check from one major
players. I also belive then when they notice first sign of pressure from
jabber.com they will choose imediatelly - stop collaboration with
jabber.com or resign their position in foundation. I hope none of them
will disappotints me and rest of the membership.
I hope this is clear even in my pigenglish.

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