[Foundation] jabber.com for president

Bill Abbas zsa at expertq.com
Thu Jun 28 12:29:50 CDT 2001

On Thursday 28 June 2001 09:25, Michael Bauer wrote:
> There are two directors pending for the Board.  They are
> both from brand name companies and these two individuals
> should provide the same level of enthusiasm and value
> that James Barry demonstrated yesterday in the text
> conference.  Since they are from large companies, though,
> there are just procedures that need to be followed before
> any announcements can be made.

My schedule, plus obnoxious firewalling, is going to keep 
me from being a regular attendee.  From the transcript, I 
have to say I like the Jakarta direction that was 

I thought initial BOD members were named on the Cert. of 


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