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Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Thu Jun 28 22:58:22 CDT 2001

Hello, Adam Theo here;

hm, i do understand enough of the argument of keeping things simple that 
i will agree forms should be their own namespace. quick question: would 
this mean they would be a seperate message type? like type="normal" or 
type="chat" there would be type"form"? or does a seperate namespace mean 
that forms could be inline inserted into the two existing message types?

i just read through eatmon's proposal, and like it. i think he has it 
right, from what little i understand at this point.

and yes, mr saint-andre, forms are certainly a very powerful tool for 
jabber. the first time i realized their power was when i was discussing 
creating an online game system for a role-playing game i used to be 
active in (now just resign myself to moral and creative support for it). 
it is a risk/axis and allies like game, and having forms in jabber would 
enable me to create a CGI script that automated the whole game process 
online, using forms over jabber.

the program sends out customized forms to the players (on the jabber 
system), and they would fill in the forms with their actions, submit, 
and the program would process it all. then moves onto the next turn 
after sending back results.
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