[Foundation] JEPs

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Jun 29 00:27:47 CDT 2001

OK, enough philosophizing, let's get to work!

I've come up with a proposed format for the JEPs, consisting of a small
extension to DocBook. I've also streamlined somewhat the JEP process
document that Rahul Dave put together several weeks ago based on how
Python does this stuff (my apologies to Rahul if I strayed from the spirit
of his doc). In addition, I've converted Jer's PASS proposal to the new
format. Tasks remaining include working on the stylesheets that convert
the SGML to HTML (so that they capture the DocBook extension I created)
and adding some information about the JEP format to the existing DocBook
help file that Eliot Landrum created back in January or so.

What I've done is located here:


Your feedback is welcome.


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