[Foundation] I wish there was no Foundation

John Hebert john at vedalabs.com
Fri Jun 29 09:16:14 CDT 2001

6/28/01 9:27:10 AM, "Harold E. Gottschalk Jr." <heg at sirlabs.com> wrote:
>I believe it would have been best if Jabber.com would not of created a
>foundation at all!  I think it is a real shame that their is multiple
>efforts going on to achieve the same objective.

Jabber.com would not get the support of open source developers it needs
if there weren't a Jabber Foundation seperate from Jabber.com.

>The objective being to create a the best open source IM and XML messaging

No, that is a side project. The objective is to create the best XML messaging
protocol. The server merely facilitates it.

>Jabber.com is off building their own proprietary version of the same
>software that jabber.org/Foundation is.  What a waste of resources and
>time!!!  We both want the most reliable scalable sever platform for Jabber
>we should be working together on this.

Jabber is a protocol and not a server or a service. What would you say about another
group wanting to build a Jabber server in Java or Python? The more the merrier,
I say.

>Digital Creations approach to Open Source with their Zope product brings
>together the best of both worlds.  I know they were first a business then
>went open source and Jabber is the other way around.

That is a different situation. Digital Creations did not create the HTML protocol.
I like Zope very much BTW, and have much respect for Digital Creations for
going open source.

>The argument that we have different core objectives is fine and does not
>preclude working together in the most efficient way possible to achieve the


>This just one of the many options I have regarding
>I am sorry if I offend anyone with my views in the past, Today and in the

I would rather ruffle a few feathers while we build something together than
have everyone in "sweetness and light" mode with nothing to show for it.

></shields up>

Shouldn't that be <shields mode="up"/>? :)



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