[Foundation] Re: jabber.com for president

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Fri Jun 29 09:25:02 CDT 2001


From: "Barry Lee" <bglee at sltscommunications.net>
Subject: [Foundation] Re: jabber.com for president
> Who are appointing these board members - Jabber.com???

    Err, the entity that goes ahead and creates the foundation does.  Who
appoints the board in any other sort of non profit entity?  Whoevers making

> There is absolutely nothing wrong with the efforts of the people of
> Jabber.com. However no one entity should have this much weight on council
> or board influence.

    And your alternative *IS*?  Lets all remember that Jabber.com is *DOING*
this so that Jabber will, in the end, be more successfull then it is now.
What power could the OR the council have that could derail jabber in any
way, shape or form, anyway?

> I noticed yesterday when Stephen Lee posted his comments that the first
> e-mails returned were from Jabber.com employees and they refered to other
> employees comments. It is and will be very hard to believe the b____ that
> this employees are all their own persons and their paycheck does not
> influence their decisions.

    They also are the developers who have been around the longest, and in
some cases, who jabber is the CHILD of.  They worked on Jabber LONG before
the idea of jabber.com existed, and will most likely be around long after
should anything happen to j.o.

    I mean, for crying out loud, would you have said Mother Teresa was
corrupted if a company had offered to give her free room and board?
Jabber.com could very well sell their product, and go on their merry way
without funding any sort of open source efforts at all.  Sure, they do work
for hire.  And alot of those ideas, issues, etc, are now able to be brought
back to the open source project.  There is also the basic fact that I'm sure
any one of the many companies choosing to adopt Jabber would love to have
one of these developers on their payroll.  In many cases, they don't even
live CLOSE to Denver and j.c.  It's not like j.c. is standing there holding
their n*ts.

    Sorry for taking this personal just a bit, but most of these guys I can
now say I've known for years, and messages that are as impersonal as this is
complete rubish.  Your basically saying that they can't get paid *AND* work
on something they like to do.  Jer would end up being the BDFL EVEN IF HE
was still doing this out of the kindness of scratching his own itch.  There
was no 'corruption' or some sort of a consipracy here.  I suppose Linux
can't work at Transmeta anymore if he wants to still maintain linux becouse
he works at a chip fab, and it'd be follish to think he'd want to see any
sort of improvements in the OS for *OH MY GOD CAN I SAY IT* other chipsets..

> You would think that the people at jabber.com would have realized the
> concerns that the membership at large would have and correct the situation
> before it went this far.

    The entire idea of a foundation was *NOT* entirely thought of y
jabber.com employees.  It was something that after many hours of idle chat
in jdev just cam about.  j.c. was *KIND* enough to make it happen *FOR* us.
In many cases, these foundations have to be started out of the developers
own pockets.  They know in their infinite wisdom (Joke there..) that a
foundation allows the technology to flurish, which allows them to make more

    Please stop insulting Jer, temas, mass, pgmillard, etc..  They've put in
the time and effort to make all of this possible.  Don't piss on George
Washingtons grave becouse he 'must have masterminded it all to e the first
american president'.


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