[Foundation] JEPs

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Jun 29 09:57:07 CDT 2001

> - wouldn't it be useful to be able to identify what proposal type
>   a JEP is, by looking at its number? How about a prefix such as
>   'S', 'J' or 'I' for 'Standards Track', 'JIG' or 'Informational'
>   respectively.

Hmmm, well we were really just following the Python usage. But I suppose
we could have JEP-I0001 and JEP-J0001 and so on -- do you think that would
get confusing?

> - as far as I can make out from (pedantically) reading 0001, here
>   are the possible statuses per JEP type:
>   STANDARDS TRACK: proposed|draft|final|deferred|rejected|obsolete
>   JIG PROPOSAL   : proposed|deferred|rejected|obsolete
>   INFORMATIONAL  : proposed|active|deferred|rejected|obsolete
>   Is this correct?

Yes that's what I was thinking, I'll make that explicit in the doc.
> - reference implementation; I'm assuming this is in tune with the
>   proto/implementation decoupling initiative and could be in any
>   language? (/me goes off to learn Haskell or something equally
>   ridiculous)

Heehee. Well let's say you wanted to add some functionality that in the
current architecture required only a server-side component, I suppose you
could write it in some weird language as an external component. But I
think that the Jabelin server pretty much aims to be the (if not the only)
reference implementation -- not sure what a reference implementation would
be client-side, though.


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