[Foundation] I wish there was no Foundation

John Hebert john at vedalabs.com
Fri Jun 29 10:20:41 CDT 2001

6/28/01 10:30:37 AM, "Harold E. Gottschalk Jr." <heg at sirlabs.com> wrote:
>I believe you did not understand my point's,  My point was not that
>jabber.com should not exist, but we should develop jointly instead of
>separately.  Jabber.com would make money from support services and add-ons
>to the server and clients.

Would you also agree that Jabber.com also has the right to develop separately
and in a closed source manner if they wish? 

If you think about it, aren't they already developing jointly? How many paid,
full-time programmers and administrators do they have working on the open
source version? I think enough to make a bunch.

>Just to make it clear I have always expounded that Jabber.com has the right
>to make money from their effort and should.

I'll bet they considered a business plan based on an open source server with
income derived from support services and add-ons and they decided against
it. This isn't the same kind of situation that arose with Linux and Zope, where
the "protocols" (HTML generated via CGI scripts, Linux installations) were already
in use by a large potential customer base. Jabber.com first to has to establish
a market for their commercial high-end server by encouraging open source
develoment and implementation of the free Jabber server.

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>> Jabber.com is off building their own proprietary version of the same
>> software that jabber.org/Foundation is.  What a waste of resources and
>> time!!!  We both want the most reliable scalable sever
>No this is not, Harold. I dont know how is situation in your country but
>in my country you simply cant come to the bank or other big corporation
>and say: "hey, i have a great IM software for your organisation. its an
>open source and its free." Some big institutions simply dont trust to
>open source or they need some special features and this is a place for
>j.c server or other products.
>Ask yourself: Can you do all the PR work for jabber? Are you able to
>promote the technology bussiness way? No, you cant. Open source
>developers often forgot this but PR and company agreements and another
>marketing tools are very important to every project. We are not in 1993
>when WWW started. Situation is different and im not feared to say we (as
>a foundation) need j.c. Jabber is a great technology and its our best
>intention to get it as widely adopted as we can. j.c can do a lot of
>work on this.

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