[Foundation] PASS and Forms JEPs

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at jabber.org
Sat Jun 30 00:31:37 CDT 2001

I have updated the JEPs in CVS, and am waiting on stpeter to work his
magic and make them valid docbook and HTML files.

Feel free to look at them, and critique them, ask questions, offer
suggestions, etc...

I'm currently working to put the forms stuff into users-agent
(users.jabber.org) so that people can start building it into their
clients.  I'm thinking a week or two depending on how things go.  That
includes the web forms.  And after I get that converted, I'll get the
Meerkat-Service up and running since the web form will actually people
to register and subscribe to news items.  But I'll post more about that
later. =P

Also, I'm working on a Perl version of the PASS server.  Currently it
has all but one of the features in the JEP.  And I should have that and
an example Jabber client ready within a week or so.  The client will
allow you to proxy any port on any machine you want to as an example. 
For example, localhost:80 and then you can point your web browser at the
port and get web pages.  (Or at least that how it should work in theory.


Ryan Eatmon                   reatmon at jabber.org 
Jabber.org - Perl Team    jid:reatmon at jabber.org

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