[Foundation] Growing Concerns for Client Developers

temas temas at box5.net
Thu Oct 4 11:06:41 CDT 2001

One of the original goals of Jabber was to keep the clients simple, so
that we could have more clients on more platforms.  Some recent trends
in the amount of information and requirements that are being pushed on
to the client are beginning to scare me.  Some of the ideas that are
starting to foster in the JIGs would require clients to implement heavy
protocol pieces and engines such as XPath and XSLT.  While both of these
technologies are great, I feel they are better left to the server side
of things.  Clients should only need to understand simple XML parsing,
namespaces (although that needs to be fixed all over the place), and the
XMLStreams protocol.  We currently have no guidelines or suggestions for
how a JIG should form it's technology, especially with relation to
clients.  Maybe we need an informational JEP outlining the principles of
Jabber XML and client simplicity with regards to protocol handling?  I
think this could greatly benefit newcomers in general and our protocol


P.S. - Yes I am indirectly implying I would work on this =)
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