[Foundation] Released JabberSMTP v1.00

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Sat Oct 20 03:36:11 CDT 2001

I have received alot of great feedback about JabberSMTP and Ransom, and 
have made the time to update the JabberSMTP website 
<http://www.theoretic.com/jabbersmtp> with alot more information and 

I have now made it very convenient to pay me through PayPal, by setting 
up JabberSMTP as an item:
Or just click from JabberSMTP's website 

I will now do the same to the Ransom website 
<http://www.theoretic.com/ransom>, to work on the model in general. I 
plan to fully document the progress of JabberSMTP's Ransom here, to 
provide an output of the experiment.

Adam Theo wrote:

> Well, folks, Theoretic's JabberSMTP is now released!
> It does what Jer's beta code did (bi-directional email/Jabber
> conversion), but also adds MIME attatchment support, logging, and is
> pretty fast (can be better, but this is good enough for moderate use for
> a large server for now).
> Now, it is important to note that I'm using JabberSMTP as the first
> experiment in my new Ransom model. This is something I've been working
> on with help from the FSB at Crynwr.com list, and I feel this is an
> excellent project to help develop it with.
> Ransom uses a restricted license (shared source, shareware, or some
> other proprietary license), but is automatically re-licensed to open
> source (under the JOSL in the case of JabberSMTP) once a set amount of
> money has been collected by the author ($100 in this case). I am
> expecting to collect this "Ransom Amount" from grateful server admins
> and distributors (such as Jabber, Inc and IMissary).
> To download and try JabberSMTP: http://www.theoretic.com/jabbersmtp
> To contribute to the Ransom Payment, to open source this project, send
> any amount through PayPal [http://www.paypal.com] to
> 'adamtheo at theoretic.com' and announce the payment publically at either
> the JabberSMTP Discussion board
> [http://www.theoretic.com/jabbersmtp/discuss.cgi] or the Ransom mailing
> list [ransom at theoretic.com]. You just have to announce it, you don't
> have to provide any details except amount. This is so the public can
> keep track of how much of the Ransom payment has been collected so far.
> To discuss the Ransom model, please subscribe to the Ransom mailing list
> [ransom-subscribe at theoretic.com] and post [ransom at theoretic.com].
> I'd love to hear your thoughts on both JabberSMTP and Ransom, no matter
> what they are.
> Thank you for your time.

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