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Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Sat Oct 20 22:03:36 CDT 2001

I'm starting to JEP-ize my ideas of "Jabber Environments", mostly 
because DotGNU <http://www.dotgnu.org> has shown interest in using the 
concept to fit into Jabber and help develop it.

Problem: Jabber is growing. Fast. It used to be an "open source IM 
system", but is now getting into RPC, advanced "identity", and secure 
e-commerce transactions. With this explosion in specifications, options, 
and features, users and developers will begin to get lost and 
productivity will drop. Something must be done to head this off before 
it happens.

Solution: The trick is to get the benefits of a "close-knit platform" 
without giving up any of the features or possabilities of Jabber. This 
can be done by creating "sub-Jabbers", or "Jabber Environments", that 
package together select bits and pieces of the greater Jabber platform. 
They not only package the standards and features, but could standardize 
common interfaces for clients or provide development tools and 

Definition: "Jabber Environment" A carefully defined sub-set of the 
Jabber standards to clarify and package an aspect of Jabber to 
end-users, developers, and retailers.

Examples: To preserve Jabber's "roots", a Jabber Environment could be 
created that encompasses the text-based IM features, called "Simple IM" 
possibly. Another could be created that encompasses VoIP, video 
conferencing, and email-like functionality into a complete conversation 
environment (possibly called "Crown" <http://www.theoretic.com/crown>, 
*nudge, nudge*). Finally, Norbert Bollow of the DotGNU Project 
<http://www.dotgnu.org> has expressed interest in having dotGNU create a 
Jabber Environment or two to operate under.


1. Should all functionality in a Jabber Environment be restricted to 
standards adopted by the Foundation? This would disagree with some 
people, but would prevent "embrace and extend" hijacking tactics.

2. Should Environments be allowed to be run and maintained by outside 
organizations? This would complicate matters and possibly introduce 
politics, but enables flexability and encourages adoption by outsiders.


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