[Foundation] Re: [standards-jig] jabber:x:event docu

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Thu Sep 20 15:47:35 CDT 2001

I'll have the XML Schema RSN hopefully. If I'm not asleep or doing 
homework. Seems to be all I friggin do.


DJ Adams wrote:

> Hi All
> Sorry I missed the meeting last night. I've just read the
> log, and Piers was half right - I wasn't stuck on a train
> but was nevertheless stuck somewhere devoid of 'net
> connections.
> Anyway, I've actually got the jabber:x:event documentation
> here with me on my laptop, and will post it to the sc-jig
> tonight, when I get home (I'd do it now via this internet
> cafe, but my laptop doesn't have a floppy to transfer the
> file).
> It's in DocBook, and I've made it a part of the larger
> structure that I came up with a while ago as part of the
> (slumbering) JDP (Jabber Docu Project).
> So sorry about the delay, as stpeter mentioned in the 
> meeting yesterday, I've been rather snowed under with
> finishing up the book, and my 'surfacing' has been 
> sporadic to say the least. 
> Ok, I'm gonna get a coffee
> cheerio for now
> dj
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