[Foundation] jabber.org glossary updates

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Wed Sep 26 14:57:28 CDT 2001

/* nickhance */ wrote:

> I'll be working on some long overdue updates for the glossary on
> jabber.org. Uhh, I'll keep you guys informed of my progress.
> URL: http://docs.jabber.org/jpg/html/glossary.html

excellent, thank you.

i have some glossary terms for it, from my work on creating profiles for 

User = a generic user of the Jabber platform, using their own Jabber 

Owner = the owner of the Jabber account, as opposed to another user 
communicating with the Owner.

Other = a User that is not the owner of the jabber account, such as 
someone who does an IQ request on the owner.

Profile = a set of structured information about the Owner or the 
account, stored in a Jabber namespace. Information such as residential 
address, bookmarks, or message filtering rules.

Permissions = rules granting access to an Other to read an Owner's 
Profile. Granted on a Profile-by-Profile basis.

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