[Foundation] Jabber Software Foundation Sponsorship

Andre Durand (durand.com) andre at durand.com
Mon Apr 1 13:16:26 CST 2002


I've been working with Peter Saint-Andre on a new page which we propose
to add to the jabber.org site which speaks specifically to corporate

With the economy as tight as it has been in the past several months,
asking corporations for sponsorships has been challenging task, and not
particularly fruitful. 

As such, and being that most of the voting benefits are accrued to the
membership, I propose we consider the concept that corporate sponsors
can 'direct' funds to particular projects or Foundation efforts of their

While there are issues surrounding this concept which need to be
reviewed by legal, and there remains the possibility that actually
administering such a plan would be more overhead (or liability) than the
Foundation can or should absorb, I like the concept and believe that it
might provide the 'value proposition' required. 

The page is located at: 

I'd be interested in hearing your feedback on the specific percentages
or even the overall concept (or alternative concepts which answer the
'what do I get for my money')

Andre Durand

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