[Foundation] 2002 Election Schedule - Revised

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Tue Apr 9 19:43:24 CDT 2002

two questions:
1. when does the newly elected council take over responsibilities? Is it 
2. if it is not immediate, is it possible to have the vote a few weeks 
earlier, rather than moving the changeover date back further.

-David Waite

Ryan Eatmon wrote:

> My fellow JSF Members,
>  It is time to elect the Jabber Council members for 2002-2003.  The
> elections are going to be held on August 20th.  While this is four
> months away, we want to make sure we start early enough to give the
> candidates enough time to prepare, and for you to get to know the
> candidates and find out more about them.  Find out where they stand on
> issues and where they've been working in the Jabber Community.
>  We are going to be doing things a little differently this year.  We
> want to model this after the Debian DPL elections.  Instead of just
> having a mad rush to be on the Council, we want to make sure that the
> people you want on the Council, get on.
>  We are going to start off by allowing you to nominate fellow members
> (excluding yourself) to get a feel for who you want to be on there.
> From that list we will cull out the uninterested partied, pick the top
> 14 winning names, and that will become the Candidate list for this
> election.
>  The Candidates will then have the chance to publish their platforms,
> and give you a chance to get to know them better.  Following that we
> will host a debate where more in-depth questions from the membership
> will be posed to each candidate and each will be given a chance to
> respond.  Following the debate, we will have a two week window for you
> to reflect and ask the candidates any other questions you might have,
> and the elections will occur on August 20th.
> Here is the timeline and description of each step:
> June 24-July 3: Nomination Period
>  - Members may nominate any of the members they choose
>    to *EXCEPT* for themselves.
>  - Each member can nominate 3 other members for the Council.
>  - Members may make it known that they are interested in being
>    nominated, or they do not wish to be nominated.
>  - The top 14 willing nominees will be notified that they are
>    candidates.
> July 8-14: Candidate Platform Preparation
>  - Candidates will be given a week to prepare their platform.
>  - The platform is a background about yourself, your positions
>    on issues, what you want to accomplish by being a Council
>    member, etc...
> July 15-31: Member Research
>  - Members should read over the platforms and think of more in
>    depth questions they would like to have answered.
>  - All questions go to the debate coordinator to be announced
>    by May 10.
> August 1: Debate
>  - The debate coordinator will pick the best questions, and
>    host the debate.
> August 13-19: Absentee/Early Voting
>  - The results of this are not going to be available until all
>    of the votes are tallied on the 20th.
> August 20: Official Voting for new Council
>  - Each member can cast their votes for the people they want
>    on the Council.  Top nine scores win.
>  - Results of the vote will only be available after the polls
>    are closed, no real-time results.
> Note: All dates are in American Central Time.
> That's it.  We are looking forward to this election.  Let's all work to
> make it a good one.

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