[Foundation] 18:00 UTC?

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Wed Apr 10 22:54:42 CDT 2002

> Hmm, yeah, there is no one time that works for everyone. Perhaps we could
> alternate the times (a nice 03:00 UTC would work well for you I guess) so
> that every other week we catch the folks in Europe or Asia/Pacific?

03:00 UTC would be perfect, but I'm realistic - most of the people
attending these meetings are in the US and Europe, and 18:00 UTC is a
much better time for them. Unless there is a substantial number of
people in Asia/Pacific wanting to attend, its probably not worth getting
you all out of bed :)

I do read the foundation logs, so I know whats happening. The only thing
I would request is that the meetings aren't the place where decisions
are finalised - if there's discussion on the list, then I can


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