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Fri Dec 13 13:51:10 CST 2002

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On Friday, Dec 13, 2002, at 12:35 America/Denver, Justin Karneges wrote:

> This doesn't sound like a problem, except let me share my experiences 
> with the
> council and DTCP.  Most of the council does not care about this sort of
> thing.  The only person I can ever talk to about it is temas.  This 
> number
> should be higher.

Isn't that a kind of sweeping statement? If the council is so 
disinterested in this topic, why do we have as many posts as we've had 
in the past few days? And who are you to dictate that there should be 
more Council members involved?

> It is important the council actually care about the issues, even if 
> the JEP is
> totally uninteresting to them.  In other words, they are going to have 
> to
> read new JEPs and be actively involved with the authors, otherwise 
> we'll
> never get anywhere.  They should also have a responsibility to being
> available (Jer: hint, hint).

No, that's not right. If the council _is_ disinterested they probably 
have a good reason. You (and I mean "we" as a community) can't expect 
the Council to be excited over every single idea. The fact of the 
matter is that there will be a certain number of ideas that the Council 
will view as not significant and as such will not get involved. It's 
too be expected, not every idea is a "good" idea.

Now, I will say that I expect the Council to at least make their stance 
clear -- and that's something that could have been done better on the 
issues of DTCP and JOBS. Regardless, it is the Council's prerogative to 
determine what is important; that's their job.


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