[Foundation] Last Call standards

Jer jer at jabber.org
Fri Dec 13 13:58:24 CST 2002

> This doesn't sound like a problem, except let me share my experiences 
> with the
> council and DTCP.  Most of the council does not care about this sort of
> thing.  The only person I can ever talk to about it is temas.  This 
> number
> should be higher.
> It is important the council actually care about the issues, even if 
> the JEP is
> totally uninteresting to them.  In other words, they are going to have 
> to
> read new JEPs and be actively involved with the authors, otherwise 
> we'll
> never get anywhere.  They should also have a responsibility to being
> available (Jer: hint, hint).

Hey now, it's been a busy week :)

Seriously though, it is an important issue and we should all be a 
little more involved before it ever gets to the council if we feel 
strongly about it.  Speaking only for myself (but others can probably 
relate) it's just been very busy lately, not just online, but in RL w/ 
the holidays coming up as well.  I'll go try catching up this afternoon 
and make my thoughts known.


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