[Foundation] Last Call standards

Russell Davis rkdavis at burninghorse.com
Sat Dec 14 14:02:23 CST 2002

Actually my +1 was slightly wrong then -- being me i misread it's +1 if
anyone is a sponser (including council members) but only 0 if it's only
council members can sponser.

i really should hold off replying to posts at hours when no sane human
being should be awake.

bst rgrds

On Sat, 2002-12-14 at 13:51, Peter G. Millard wrote:
> Justin -
> Why should the council "sponsor" be responsible for "marshalling" support
> for a JEP they didn't author?? The idea of a sponsor was for that person to
> act as a 'conduit' for council <-> members communication, and to marshall
> support and gather concerns & issues from the _council_, not the entire JSF
> membership.
> Believe it or not, the council already does quite a bit of work... I'm not
> sure any of us want to take on this additional role. I do like have the JEP
> Editor be involved via this process though. I'd modify the flow to:
> 1. Author consults w/ JEP editor about going fwd.
> 2. JEP editor says ok & requests sponsor from council via the council
> mailing list.
> 3. Author & Sponsor consult about any initial issues, and (hopefully) decide
> to proceed.
> 4. Author rounds up 5% of JSF members to second the last call.
> pgm.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Justin Kirby" <justin at openaether.org>
> > While all the suggestions are perfectly fine. Personally I would like to
> > see something like this as the method to bring a jep to last call and
> > presentation to the council......
> >
> >  1. Author (or JSF member) consults with jep editor about going forward
> >  2. jep editor says ok
> >  3. jep editor issues request for "sponsor" from council
> >  4. sponsor then rounds up 5% JSF members to second
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