[Foundation] final RFC push

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Feb 13 16:09:32 CST 2002

Jeremie and I worked quite a bit in the last few days to clean up the RFC
we will be submitting to the IETF. We will be submitting this as an
informational draft next Monday, so the final push is on and your comments
are requested. If you could not build software from this spec (e.g., the
Jabber clients you've written), then it is not complete! The doc is here:


So if possible, please review this document and send in your feedback no
later than the close of business this Friday (2002-02-15) so I can
incorporate it in the final submission. You can email me directly or
(preferably) join the standards-jig mailing list and send your comments




P.S. FYI, since the release of draft 3.0, I've fixed a few small errors
in the schemas and DTDs, but the changes are minor.

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