[Foundation] Fixing the JIG Problem

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Wed Feb 27 16:24:46 CST 2002

Hi, all.

I recently read the latest JEP, the one on what to do about the plethora
of inactive JIGs.

As the leader of one of those JIGs, Profiles-JIG, I must say I agree
completely that it is a problem. My own excuse is that I realized the
work I had been doing was best continued by myself and Mike Hearn. I
came to this conclusion after seeing that although the Profiles list had
gained more than 30 subscribers, Mike and I were the only two discussing
our project. All suggestions and questions I made to the list asking for
feedback went unanswered, and although I'm sure the subscribers were
interested in Profiles, I realized they were interested in the finished
or near-final product, not the gritty arguments and details used in
creating it.

So work continued, and has evolved into Genio [
http://www.theoretic.com/genio ], which is a project outside of the JSF
and Jabber (although closely tied to it). We are currently in the
process of merging Genio with two other projects, to create an even
better set of ideas and visions of the future for profile management.

So I realize that yes, the JSF and Jabber is too small to support many
well-defined working groups, and all enhancements are better done on one
or two lists, with small teams of interested individuals communicating
in the background about specific JEPs.

Therefore I support the following lists:
 * Standards - Discuss the ins and outs of the protocol and how to
improve it.
 * Security - Discuss how to make the protocol secure yet easy to use.
Perhaps could be rolled into Standards, as well.
 * JDev - Discuss the code and implimentations. Bugs, feature requests,
 * JAdmin - Discuss how to set up and admin the server.
 * JUser - A new list I suggest for users and newbies to ask how to use
various Jabber clients. One big support list for all users.

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