[Foundation] XMPP, JNG, and IETF

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Thu Jan 10 03:13:28 CST 2002

Damn, too many acronyms in that subject...

OK, just read the meeting logs from yesterday, and have *alot* to say.
I'll first just ask what the second RFC to the IETF will cover? The
second RFC being the standards track one, not the informational. Will
this standards track RFC be the Jabber Next Generation (JNG) work as a
generic XML data routing protocol separate from it's IM legacy? Or will
this standards track RFC be Jabber 1.4, the stuff we mostly have now?

Also, I would just lke to state for the record I'm very interested in
JNG. More so than I am of the 1.4 line now, even. I see alot of
potential for it. My personal goal for JNG will be to replace alot if
not all transport protocols in existance today, like HTTP, FTP, SMTP,
etc. As well as create superior XML-ized versions of such protocols as
SIP and RTP. I see JNG becoming as integrated with the Internet of the
future as TCP/IP is, providing a powerful and flexible yet simple data
transport layer.

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