[Foundation] DotGNU-Jabber Project is Back

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Fri Jan 11 21:57:03 CST 2002

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Hello, everyone.

I have gotten off my lazy @$$ and put back together the DotGNU-Jabber
project after letting it lie fallow for 2 months. Jabber began as an
open XML-based Instant Messaging system, but is turning into a general
XML routing and communications platform. DotGNU is the GNU Project's
efforts to develop a free, powerful, complete and distributed Web
Services platform.

I have constructed a simple website where I'll be putting statuses and
archives: http://www.theoretic.com/dotgnu-jabber .

And I have transferred the mailing list I'd set up over to my new
mailing list system.
To Subscribe: dotgnu-jabber-request at theoretic.com?subject=subscribe
To Post: dotgnu-jabber at theoretic.com
Extra Help: dotgnu-jabber-request at theoretic.com?subject=help

I will likely not be continueing the Jabber chatroom meetings, moving
all discussion over to the list. This is to bring more people into the
discussions, since few people had the time or wanted to operate a Jabber
client :-) It served a good purpose, though, by hopefully introducing
more people to Jabber.

I'll be making a few posts over the next few days to start things off.
Sign up, and participate!
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