[Foundation] JSF discussion tomorrow

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Jan 15 10:55:23 CST 2002

This is just a reminder that tomorrow (2002-01-16), we will be holding an
open discussion for members of the Jabber Software Foundation and others
interested in Jabber. Here are some particulars:

Time: 21:00 UTC
Location: foundation at conference.jabber.org
Agenda: http://foundation.jabber.org/agendas/2002-01-16.html

For those of you who are UTC-challenged, 21:00 UTC equates to the
following local times:

Istanbul: 11:00 PM
Paris: 10:00 PM
London: 9:00 PM
Sao Paulo: 7:00 PM
New York: 4:00 PM
Cascade, IA: 3:00 PM
Denver: 2:00 PM
San Francisco: 1:00 PM
Hawaii: 11:00 AM
Sydney: 8:00 AM
Tokyo: 6:00 AM
Bombay: 3:00 AM

And yes, I screwed up the start time of last week's meeting, so I guess
I'm UTC-challenged too! :) (Check out http://www.worldtimeserver.com/ if
your time zone is not listed above.)

Hope to see you there.


Peter Saint-Andre
email+jabber: stpeter at jabber.org
web: http://www.saint-andre.com/

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