[Foundation] 2002 Election Nominations

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Wed Jul 10 19:24:46 CDT 2002

I nominate:

* Jer
* Reatmon
* Rob

I am also running for Council, I have decided, since I have been getting 
into the protocol and amazingly enjoying it. I'm mostly interested in 
Jabber as middleware and a transport protocol to someday replace HTTP, 
SMTP, FTP, IMAP, and all others, as well as some end-user issues :-)

Also, I'm even more interested in running for Board, so I'm just 
wondering when nominations for that will be coming up?

Ryan Eatmon wrote:
> We are getting started on this a little late.  Due to schedules, 
> vacations, and busy lifes.  We apologize.
> The first step in the new election process, and the one that I am 
> opening today, is the nomination process.
> We are asking that all members nominate people that they would like to 
> see on the Jabber Council.  Here are the rules for nominations:
> 1) Each member gets to nomnate three people.
> 2) Each nominee must be a Foundation member.
> 3) You cannot nominate yourself.
> 4) Your nomination must be made in a message sent to the Members mailing 
> list.
> 5) The first three people you nominate will be your list, so please 
> don't nominate 16 people in 10 different messages...
> You can make it known, anywhere you want to, that you want to be 
> nominated, but you cannot nominate yourself.
> j
> Here is the new schedule to get us back on track:
> July 10-July 17: Nomination Period
> July 17-24: Candidate Platform Preparation
> July 24-31: Member Research
> August 1: Debate
> August 13-19: Absentee/Early Voting
> August 20: Official Voting for new Council
> For the original schedule and description of each step:
> http://mailman.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2002-April/001021.html

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